Electronics Shop

This Hackerrank problem deals with combinations.

The problem:


import sys

def getMoneySpent(keyboards, drives, s):
 combo = -1
 for k in keyboards:
 	for d in drives: 
 		if (k+d) > combo and (k+d) <= s:
 			combo = k+d
 return str(combo)
s,n,m = input().strip().split(' ')
s,n,m = [int(s),int(n),int(m)]
keyboards = list(map(int, input().strip().split(' ')))
drives = list(map(int, input().strip().split(' ')))
# The maximum amount of money she can spend on a keyboard and USB drive, or -1 if she can't purchase both items
moneySpent = getMoneySpent(keyboards, drives, s)

This problem is pretty straight forward. I used to for loops to cycle through each list.

Another way to do it might be to sort the list eliminate the clearly overly expensive items that are over s and delete those that are  duplicates to cycle through less elements. This might help for very big lists.


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